Thursday, January 21, 2021

Have you really thought about your health?

 Last time we chatted about: "How you've lived your life so far."

Today, let us ponder the same question but from a different perspective. It's interesting that many of us internalize our current health challenges as a permanent part of us. If you resonate with this you are not alone. Most people are. I used to be the same way, I probably still do it occasionally when I'm having a not so great day! ;) 

I used to say things like: "MY autoimmune disorder," or "I have a hard time losing weight." What I found interesting in its simplicity is that shifting the way I would talk about the disorder I used to suffer from, changed the way I felt about it. That was one of the first steps for me on my road to recovery.

Thoughts matter, thoughts have some power. I'm not saying that sitting thinking "I'm perfectly healthy" while doing something that my body has clearly rebelled against is a good idea. Trust me, kids, don't try that at home. What I'm saying is that excluding the mind from efforts to heal the body can only garner temporary or reduced results. 

So starting today and for the rest of our time together, let's think about our health in the most positive way that we can (under the circumstances.)

Want to continue this? There is a short worksheet that helps you explore how you have been living your life so far and what your next steps could be.

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*Disclaimer: Please remember that it's impossible for me to diagnose you and treat you just by you reading one of my articles, books or from a challenge! I'm superwoman it's true, but even that is beyond my capabilities. So before you engage in any health and wellness activities, do consult your healthcare provider. Please know that we are happy to address your personal concerns, just call us in office (860-589-1491) to schedule your personal consultation; and thanks ever so much for reading. We appreciate you

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