Monday, January 11, 2021

Could your past be affecting your future health?

One of my favorite mentors, a physician and teacher of functional medicine, always says that the health of about 80% of people is as a result of three things:

A) How you've lived your life so far

B) Your genes

C) Your gut and natural flora

So I've got to ask you: 

  • How you've lived your life so far?

  • How is that impacting your health today?

I invite you to give this some serious consideration! To help with that, I've created a little questionnaire.

Click here for today's worksheet.

Go ahead and fill it in. This is not one of those clickbait quizzes. I will go through each of these personally and email you your results. Ok?

And the invitation to call in office is still open to you.


Regards in health,

Dr. Davia H. Shepherd

*Disclaimer: Please remember that it's impossible for me to diagnose you and treat you just by you reading one of my articles, books or from a challenge! I'm superwoman it's true, but even that is beyond my capabilities. So before you engage in any health and wellness activities, do consult your healthcare provider. Please know that we are happy to address your personal concerns, just call us in office (860-589-1491) to schedule your personal consultation; and thanks ever so much for reading. We appreciate you

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