Thursday, February 18, 2021

Drinking enough can help the weight?

 You have to stay hydrated.

Here are 5 reasons you need to drink more water...or put in other words: 5 ways drinking water can improve your health!


1. Why do we need water anyway?

70-80% of the brain is water and ~75% of the body is water. We need water to aid in our metabolism, for digestion, to remove impurities / waste, for circulation / transport and for maintaining temperature! All these tend to work better when we are properly hydrated.


2. We are constantly losing water so we have to replace it

We lose water through: breathing, sweating, as urine and bowel movements and some medications can speed up water loss. Alcoholic beverages increase fluid loss and so does hot weather.


3. Dehydration can affect your central nervous system causing:

Sleepiness / tiredness, headache, dizziness / lightheadedness, confusion and even coma in severe cases.


4. Not getting enough water may also affect the kidneys and can lead to:

Kidney stones (stones can’t form in dilute solution!) Kidney disease and urinary tract infections.


5. Other bodily functions are affected by dehydration:

Muscle and joint pain can often be avoided by drinking more water. Healthy beautiful skin thrives on sufficient water intake and constipation can often be avoided if we drink enough water.


Please remember that if you are feeling thirsty you are already getting dehydrated! So make sure you are getting enough water. 64 oz per day is enough for most people but look at your urine to make sure your intake is adequate for you. It should look more like lemonade and less like iced tea.


Almost all liquids help with hydration, but try to avoid sugary beverages and too many caffeinated beverages. Alcoholic beverages reduce antidiuretic hormone and are dehydrating. Many fruits and vegetables are a good source of water, think watermelon, lettuce, celery and cucumbers just to name a few. And of course, don't forget good old water: try a glass when you wake up, a glass before meals, try taking a bottle of water out with you and in most cases take medication or supplements with a full glass of water.

Increasing water intake is a good idea for most but not for everyone! Talk to your health care provider if you have kidney disease, heart failure, are on certain medications and as always before implementing any new health care strategy.


Oh, and one more thing: While we are increasing water intake to help remove toxins, we may be introducing toxins to our bodies via the water we drink. A couple of tips for improving the quality of the water you drink include investing in a quality water filter and avoiding water in plastic bottles as well as choosing stainless steel, glass or other toxin free containers to store and transport your water.

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*Disclaimer: Please remember that it's impossible for me to diagnose you and treat you just by you reading one of my articles, books or from a challenge! I'm superwoman it's true, but even that is beyond my capabilities. So before you engage in any health and wellness activities, do consult your healthcare provider. Please know that we are happy to address your personal concerns, just call us in office (860-589-1491) to schedule your personal consultation; and thanks ever so much for reading. We appreciate you

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