Thursday, February 4, 2021

Want to know what you should eat?

The question everyone asks me the most is:

What should I eat? I'm going to say categorically:

“It depends.”

There is no one size fits all diet for everyone.

Based on your 3 markers a protocol can be tailored specifically for you.:

  • How you’ve lived your life so far,
  • Your DNA and
  • Your gastrointestinal status including your natural flora,

 That being said I can give you some broad strokes: We know that 80% of chronic illness is caused by chronic and sustained inflammation. We all want to avoid those, right? I mean, is there anyone who actually wants these chronic illnesses? Often patients are a little surprised to find that diet and overall health could be even remotely related! The truth is that some mainstays of the Standard American Diet promote inflammation. In general some of the most inflammatory foods include sugar, gluten and OMG – dairy!

How can you enjoy you life and still reduce inflammatory foods in your diet?

Join us!

You have questions and you will find we have a lot of answers!


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