#Power_Transformations: Mini Retreat

What if you could have your own 


Massage, Recovery, Relaxation, Rest
Meditation, Peace, Relaxation, Relax

Enjoy a Health and Wellness Party 

For you and up to 15 of your closest friends.

Smoothies, Juice, Fruits, Fruit, Ripe

Rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Spirit ... 

Schedule your mini-retreat today.

Email: SCreceptionist@outlook.com, 

Call: 860-589-1491 

or just fill in the form below.

Apply for your mini-retreat today:

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And, please do, join us for one of our upcoming workshops or retreats! Transform your Mind, Body and Spirit with us. Join our tribe and "Live Your Optimal Life(TM)!"  #Power_Transformations.

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