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 #Power_Transformations UPCOMING LOCAL RETREAT!

 What if it were possible to live a happier, healthier, quality filled life? What if attending a workshop could unlock some of the mystery behind having outstanding health? What if health and happiness are linked and what if both are in your reach? Learn more about what it truly takes to transform your life.

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#Power_Transformations Retreats

Join us for our next Cruise Retreat Mastermind Adventure. In this beautiful environment, with the support of your tribe, true shifts can take place and the framework can be set for permanent TRANSFORMATION.

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Your Own Mini Retreat

What if you and up to 15 of your closest friends could have your own personalized mini-retreat. Imagine making the shift and getting on the road to powerful long term transformation knowing, those closest to you are on the same journey.

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Ultimate Optimal Wellness

Please apply to join this amazing very select group of women who have committed to taking their transformation to the next level. This is for you if you are laser focused on maintaining the alignment in your health, happiness and life. Join us to do this next level work.

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#Power_Transformations Discovery Sessions

 Take the first step today. Let us explore your health goals, your current conditions, possible outcomes and next steps. Transformation can be hard, but you don’t have to go it alone. I look forward to talking with you soon to get started on your permanent TRANSFORMATION.

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